Joie Switzer

“Feel free to move your feet at any time during this lesson!” is one of my favorite sayings. It makes you laugh and tells you what you need to improve, which is exactly how I teach. I work with all skill levels and create individualized training experiences, based on one’s tennis abilities.

I have worked with: beginners, advanced players who just need me to point out the little mistakes and players returning to the sport after a long absence. Throughout my 20+ years as a tennis instructor in Key West, I have taught over 500 players. One of the greatest joys of teaching is the ongoing relationships with my students in which I can see them improve and invite along friends to enjoy the sport with us.

During college I played D1 tennis at Bradley University in Illinois and was number one in Singles and Doubles. I am also certified USPTA Master Professional. When I started teaching tennis in Key West, I taught all ages, however upon starting a family, I began to shift my focus to teaching adults. After a long break from teaching Jr.’s, I returned to coaching at the request of a parent. It has been super fun and the first player to become eligible to play High School tennis made the varsity team, only losing two matches during her season and was named all conference.

Additionally my highest rated Jr. was top 50 in the state of Florida. Many of my lessons have been with me over 15 years and return because of my love of tennis and joy in helping players improve their game. I’d love to see you on the courts and remember, feel free to move your feet!